Admissions email 

Criteria: HS GPA and Capacity.

Deadline is two weeks before each quarter.

Minimum requirements:

  1. Application form
  2. Application fees (currently waived – a $50 saving)
  3. High School Diploma
  4. Language requirement
  5. Financial Statement

How to Apply

The application form is available below.

Print, fill, sign, and scan the application form.

Attach the required documents: HS diploma, financial statement, and English test.

send it by email to

You can still apply if:

  • you missed the deadline, but no guarantee for timely respond.
  • You have low English test grades, but no guarantee for admissions.

Link is Form_Application


  • Applicants could be admitted, conditionally admitted, or denied admission.
  • If capacity is full, applicants are encouraged to re-apply next quarter.
  • Admitted students will receive a registration package explaining registration procedure. It will include enrollment agreement and payment method.

Transfer of Credits Hours

Our institute may accept credit hour transfer from other institutes according to criteria below:

  • courses have similar course description.
  • credits must have been taken at accredited institutes.
  • credits from state-authorized institutes may be transferred after careful revision.
  • maximum credit transfer to our institute is 25% of the program the applicant is applying for.
  • Registrations office reserves the right to deny credit hour transfer from any institute.

Credits for Life Experience

  • Credits for life experience could be granted based on your past and current experience.
  • Life experience credits must be in the same field of major applied for.
  • Registration office reserve the right to deny granting credits for life experience.
  • Transfer credits could be accepted after careful revision in certain cases depending on applicant experience such as:
    • current job position and description 
    • experience in similar knowledge as major
    • training courses and seminars attended.

International Students

Our mission is to provide quality distance higher education programs all over the globe to enrich our students with different cultural, ethical, and global aspects. We do accept students from any part of the world. Gary International Institute does not discriminate against race, religion, gender, or disability.


Gary International Institute is fully online, which means that students can learn from any part of the world. This will save housing, transportation, living costs, medical insurance, books, and visas. These savings could be for your future or pleasure.   


Gary International Institute supports having a diverse international community. This will help students to inter-connect with different cultures around the globe and provide a broader understanding of our world. We encourage students to share their cultures and stories. We encourage students to participate in our non-curricular activities that will enrich their college experience.



The Institutional catalog is a resource document containing important information about the institute. It contains general information such as the vision and mission, institutional system, academic calendar, and programs.

It also includes admission procedures, graduation requirements, credits transfer, grading system, tuition, refund policy, , course descriptions and many other important information. Please feel free to check our catalogs below.


Advertisement is very important to our Institute. Here you can check our brochures and spread awareness of our international community, so we can grow, work, and get stronger together.

Do not hesitate to share with us your valuable comments and suggestions. Please refer to our links below that has our brochure and QR sharing.

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