• The Registrations office is the heart of the institute.
  • It handles and records all of course registration and grading system for students.
  • The institute only accepts official forms and documents signed by the student for any request.
  • Forms can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • The student must fill in, sign, scan, and email the required form to the office.
  • The signature must be handwritten signature.
  • There is no add/drop from for courses.
  • Students will be registered for courses on a quarter-by-quarter basis.
  • This is a school-like system to save time and effort for our students and allow them to focus on their studies.


Enrollment agreement:

  • Admitted applicants will receive a registration package by email.
  • A registration package will include enrollment agreement and payment method forms.
  • Students must fill in, sign, scan the enrollment agreement and email it to the registration office.
  • They also need to make payment to the institute on a quarterly basis.
  • This could be done electronically or by filling in the payment form.
  • Students must fill, sign, scan the payment form and email it to the bursars’ office.
  • Please refer to

Registration cancelation:

  • Registration cancelation doesn’t mean dropping from school.
  • It means withdrawing from the current semester only.
  • This could be done any time during the student’s enrollment.


Enrollment cancellation:

  • Enrollment cancellation means dropping from school and stopping your career with our institute.
  • The student can apply for “enrollment cancelation” at any time of his enrollment in school.
  • To continue studies after enrollment cancelation, the student must apply for readmission.
  • When applying for readmission, the student is subject to admission criteria at that time.

Course credits - completion requirements

  • In the quarter system, one credit hour is equivalent to 11 contact hours.
  • Each of our courses is designed to be 4 credit hours.
  • This means that each course should have 44 contact hours.
  • Each contact hour consists of a 20-minute lecture and a 40-minute self-study work.
  • This is required in distance education to fulfill one contact hour.
  • A student must attend 75% of the course contact hours.
  • Passing grade is 60% (D), or equivalent grade.

Grading system

Class Delivery and Teaching Method

  • Our class delivery method is completely online over the internet.
  • We utilize advanced technology in our institute that is most convenient for our students.
  • Synchronized is where the teacher and students meet at the same time in a virtual classroom.
  • Non-synchronized means: students attend study material posted on the web at time of their convenience.
  • Teachers communicate with students through available channels on the school’s platform.
  • Communication could be by live chat, email, bulletin boards, discussion groups and blogs.
  • Most of our courses use non-synchronized delivery methods, which is more convenient for students.
  • Teachers and students interact throughout the term for better educational experience.
  • Teachers will follow up with students over the time of the course and conduct one or more assessments. Assessments could be homework, reports, and/or exams, during or at the end of the term.


  • Each course is 4 credit hours.
  • Teachers will post study material on a weekly basis.
  • Students attend classes and submit assignments, if any.
  • They will be available during class or office hours.
  • Teachers will have at least one-hour office time for students.


Form_Application for Admission

Form_Financial Commitment Letter and Bank Statement



Form_Official transcript order



Frequent Asked Questions

The quarter term is 11 study weeks plus 1 exam week.

This varies from one teacher to another. Usually, materials are posted at the beginning of each week.

Our institute uses any means of communication. We use, Canvas, zoom, among other available platforms. Teachers will provide students with instructions.

Non-synchronized online method allows students to attend lectures at their convenient time. Teachers will be available at class time or posted office hours.        

Courses are usually 4 credit hours. This is equivalent to 44 contact hours in the quarter system. 

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