Student Account

Students account is a password protected account that allow students to enter their account and check their study progress. Each quarter students are able to observe their course schedule, grades, transcripts, and much more.

Students Email

Each student will have a unique email address. The email will consist of student first name initial and last name. For a designated email address contact the technical department at 

Software Requirements

This delivery online method has minimum computer requirements as follows:

  • reliable Internet connection
  • latest version of IE or Chrome
  • able to run audio and video files recordings.
  • able to open and save files in Adobe PDF, word, PowerPoint, and Excel formats.


Gary international Institute utilize available platforms to students. This is to be able to easily reach students around the globe.

We mainly use google classroom for our courses but we other platforms as needed such as Canvas, Zoom, and Google Meet

This way it saves cost to students and teach students to work with many different platforms that is needed for a job career.


Our website is designed so tat students can easily access any part of the site. It tells people about our institute, academic departments, programs, administration, faculty, staff, and partners.

The administration is divided into several departments. These are admissions, registrations, bursars, legal, and technical divisions.

The viewer will also be able to reach us in different ways. See contact us page.  

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