Tuition and Fees

Gary International Institute try to keep it simple and affordable. Table 2 shows the tuition for different programs and degrees. Tuition must be paid at the beginning of each quarter. Some students are eligible for discount according to their GPA or country. Contact bursars’ office for details.  

Payment Methods

Bursars’ Office will send you a bill at the beginning of each quarter. You can pay for your tuition with one of the following ways:

  • Cashiers or certified check. Make payable to Garyii. Send by mail to our mailing address.
  • Credit cards accepted are visa, master card, American Express, and discount.

More payment methods will be added later.

Payment Plans

Payments are made on a quarter-by-quarter basis. Each payment should be made before registration each semester. Non-payment will result in holding of your registration account and students will not be able to access their courses and institutional accounts. Currently, we don’t have a monthly payment plan. We are working to provide this service soon.

Refund Policy


Some countries are eligible for tuition discounts based on their economic status. This is done to help international students from less fortunate countries to pursue their careers, develop their skills and advance their profession. Contact the bursars’ office for more details.


Scholarships are available for qualified students. Contact the admissions office for more details.


  • Bursar’s office can be reached by email at bursars@garyii.com.
  • Admitted applicants will receive a registration package by email.
  • An electronic invoice will be sent with the registration package.
  • Once the invoice is paid, you will receive your class schedule.
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